Enjoying the Best Activities With an Escort

Many men hire an escort to check off items on their bucket list. This may include running a marathon, going skydiving, or traveling to every continent.

While sex is certainly on the agenda for any escort date, that doesn’t mean your entire night has to revolve around it. Here are the best activities to do with your escort that aren’t sexual.

1. Nightclubs

A great way to enjoy a night with an escort is to take her to a club. This will allow you to get to know her and get closer to her. It can also be a lot of fun and help to build trust. When choosing an escort for a club date, be sure to check their reputation by doing a quick Google search and reading reviews on The Erotic Review. Also, make sure to factor in a tip for the escort.

New York City has many adult venues where you can have fun with your escort and receive lap dances from sexy strippers. However, it is important to remember that these spaces are judgment free and nudity is not allowed unless you want it to be.

Always pay your escort before beginning a session. This lets them know that their time is worth money and they can offer you extra services if you wish. Avoid asking for sex, as this is against the law in many countries and states. It is also important to be respectful of the escort’s career choice and not mention it in public.

2. Theater

If you want to take a break from all the sexy action and get to know your escort better, try taking her out to a theatrical event like a musical. Broadway and local community theaters often feature popular musicals that are sure to put you both in a good mood. A night at the movies or a jazz supper club is another fun option. For a laid-back date, you could even visit the Walrus Social House for a speakeasy vibe and delicious cocktails. Just remember to keep the conversation light and respect her personal space.

If you want a unique date, why not head up to the Q1 SkyPoint observation deck or delve into the underwater world at Gold Coast’s many snorkelling spots. Just make sure she is comfortable with the experience and that you’re both prepared.

3. Brunch

Getting to know an escort is what sets them apart from prostitutes and it’s one of the best parts of their job. This is the part where a lot of things get steamy but that doesn’t mean it has to happen right away. In fact, it’s better to linger at this point. Make sure you use soap, deodorant and mouthwash (if needed).

Brunch is a great time to catch up with your escort over a nice meal and some bottomless drinks. It also gives you an opportunity to talk about different things that you enjoy and get to know your escort a little more.

If you want to take the experience up a notch, try going to a jazz supper club or bringing her to a dance class for couples. This will help to get you both in a relaxed and sensual mood. Just be sure to bring wine as this is a good social lubricant and it helps you stay in the moment. Also, don’t forget to bring a gift for your escort. This will let her know that you’re invested and makes her feel special.

4. Bars

If you have a lot of business meetings, it’s nice to have a high class escort by your side to help keep you relaxed. They can carry documents, take notes and even help convince your business acquaintances to strike a deal with you. In addition, they can also help you relax with a nice dinner and wine after a long day of work.

One of the challenges a high class escort faces is keeping her clients’ identities secret at a restaurant or bar. She’ll pretend that she and the client are catching up with an old friend or family member. This will prevent other patrons at the restaurant from noticing that they aren’t on a typical date.

She’ll also make sure to avoid getting too drunk. She knows that beer breath and a limp penis aren’t very appealing to her clients. Finally, she’ll keep her dress modest and avoid showing too much skin. She’ll only show off her legs if the client asks her to do so. If she does see a handsome man in the crowd, she won’t flirt with him.