Which Type of Tail Plug is Right For You?

tail anal plug

A tail plug is a specialized sex toy which is intended to be inserted directly into the ass. It is for sexual stimulation. Typically they are comparable to a large dildo in several ways but generally tend to be shorter. With a more tapered end. Also, they have a flattened base to avoid the entire device from being misplaced inside of the rectum. In this way they serve much the same purpose as a rubber or silicone butt plug. It allows a woman or man to safely and gently stimulate their rectum. In addition to her G-spot during intercourse. While these plugs do allow for increased stimulation, their use can also lead to some uncomfortable situations. The fact is that they are not meant to fully penetrate an internal body tissue.

Due to their unique design there are several different types of tail plugs which offer different levels of stimulation. Some provide a more rigid feedback which helps to ensure that the woman receives the maximum pleasure from the insertion. These types of plugs include the classic furry one which has a small amount of black hair in the center; the soft and pliable silicone variety; the large (usually referred to as “Fox tail plug“) which is generally made out of a thick, dark brownish colored plastic material with a curve on the end; and the round and flattened ball shaped ones which lack any hair whatsoever.

What is difference between each type of tail plug?

The primary difference between each type of tail plug is based on the insertion method. That allows the woman to decide which is best for her. For instance, if the plug’s longer base is inserted with a long stem then it may be better at stimulating the clitoris. Because of the shape of the shaft. On the other hand, if the stem is shorter then it is more suited to the anal sex experience. Additionally, some plug designs have long, curly hair on the inside of the head of the shaft. These types can be used for both men and women. Finally, women who prefer a firmer feel can insert long, straight stem plugs. Because they do not have as much flexibility as the others.

One of the most popular styles of plug for female use, which also has its fair share of loyal fans is the “wolf tail plug“. This plug style is used mainly for g-spot stimulation but does tend to give off a strong vibe when stimulated. In fact, many users claim that the g-spot is harder to stimulate with a wolf tail plug than with any other long stemmed or flat plugs.

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Which type of plug feels best for you?!

If you’re considering purchasing a plug, it’s important to understand that each style and firmness come in varying degrees of firmness. In other words, while the “fox tail plug” is more flexible, it is also a little less firm than the “wolf tail plug“. For the same reasons, the “wide-toothed ferret tail plug” is a little bit more firm than the “narrowest part of the ferret fur”. When choosing which plug to purchase, it is important to understand how your body reacts and which type of plug feels best for you.

By far, the most common use for a tail plug in a role play setting is for G-spot stimulation. If you haven’t experienced this sensation, you’re really missing out on some mind-blowing sex! However, remember that not all types of plugs have the same power of attraction. Some people are more comfortable using soft-tipped plugs, while others are looking for a firmer, more intense feeling. It’s important to find what works for you and if you need help finding the perfect plug, we recommend speaking to your partner about what his or her preferences are.