Anal Machine – What You Should Know About anal Stimulation

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Anal machine – often abbreviated as AM – is an electronic sexual aid that comes in two variants. One model uses a vibrating sleeve that sending out repetitive, high-pitched vibrations that cause intense sensual stimulation to the buttocks and g-spot. The second variant has a button attached to it, which allows the model to control the level of vibrations generated. This allows the model to sensually stimulate both parts of the ass with varying levels of pleasure, which gives the female partner the ultimate control in anal sex. In this article we will discuss anal machine and its relation to anal sex and lesbian sex.

What exactly is anal machine?

Anal masturbation is simply a hand-to-hand sex activity, where a man is inserted on the upper part of the woman’s rectum and controlled using a masturbation sleeve, which is typically made up of flexible, spongy material. When inserted into the rectum, the man is then manipulated using a finger or hand over the top and bottom of the anal canal. Anal masturbation is sometimes referred to as “the sit command” because it resembles the act of sitting in meditation position.

As its name suggests, the anal machine also controls the amount of friction experienced by the receiver. In the case of a vibrating anal sleeve, this means that the more efficient the circulation of blood within the rectum, the more intense the feeling. So when using the model, ensure that the receiver receives adequate blood flow for the most intense and erotic experience. If you prefer to have your partner perform anally on you, then ensure that she is properly aroused and lubricated. A vibrating anal machine is much easier to use if the receiver is already lubricated and highly stimulated.

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If you have not yet tried anal masturbation

If you have not yet tried anal masturbation with the anal machine – then you are definitely missing out on something amazing. Imagine being able to have prolonged and intense orgasms whenever you like. You will no longer have to worry about going stale each time you make love to your partner. You will be forced to explore your deepest fantasies, and this is very exciting! If your partner is reluctant to try anal stimulation, then why not surprise her and have her try the anal machine yourself?

Some models come with additional features such as the ability to switch positions mid masturbation. This is a convenient feature that can be used to provide both partners with unprecedented levels of anal stimulation. Another interesting add-on is the ability to “program” the model to achieve different results. For example, you may want your woman to orgasm only when you enter her anus. Or you may prefer the model to automatically stimulate the G-spot during sexual intercourse.

There are many features available when shopping for an anal stimulation device. But before making your final purchase, ensure that you are confident in your abilities as a buyer. Choose a model that is comfortable to wear and one that has a high feedback rate from customers. Once you have found the right model for you – and who knows, you will enjoy. You might find that this is just the thing that spares you from embarrassment during intimate moments with your partner!