How to Become an Escort In Mexico

The last few weeks have been difficult for escorts in Mexico. Money and drug flows through Mexico seem to have increased at an alarming rate. Any escort will struggle to decide which business is better: the choice between working in bars and casinos or the more risky route of the escort near Mexico or working as nude porn models. I chose to work in the more dangerous routes, mainly because that’s where the action is.

My first encounter with the business in Cancun was a bit strange, but it turned out to be very good experience for me

I met up with a friend of mine in Cancun and we got to talking about how nice it would be if we were to make a living from being an escort. This sounded interesting to me but my friend decided to have a drink at a restaurant with one of the waiters instead.

I decided to try my luck on my own, so I made my way to a popular bar on the island called Cancun beach

I met two friends, one of them a US citizen and the other a Canadian, who seemed to be hanging out more with the Americans. I wasn’t really expecting to get the opportunity to talk to them, but I kept my eyes open anyway. One of them mentioned that they knew of a Mexican business that could help me with my escort duties. I didn’t know whether to believe them or not, but they led me to a man sitting alone at the table.

My initial reaction was to assume that he must have been a drug dealer

But his accent made it difficult to tell. I was able to see that he was not just a successful businessman but also quite a few hispanic. He introduced himself and said he was from New York. After we chatted for a bit more I asked him if he had ever been an escort near mexico. He told me that he had, and he was very happy about it.

After getting all of the information I needed I headed over to the Canadian guy and explained what I was doing. He works for a company that escorts clients through Mexico and Canada. So when he told me that he had helped escort near mexico on several occasions, I already had my mind made up. I said that I would do the same for him if asked. After chatting for nearly an hour, I booked a room at the beach for the night.

The next morning, I was excited to get out there and do my job

I was determined to impress my new friends. I had one of the best relationships in my life.